Welcome to the website of Boy Scout Troop 194.  Boy Scout Troop 194 is located in Mason, Ohio and chartered by the Mason United Methodist Church.  We are a member of the Hopewell District of Dan Beard Council.  If you are a new visitor, please read through this introduction brochure, look around our website and learn about Scouting and our program at Troop 194.  Feel free to email the Troop Leadership if you have any questions.  If you are interested in Venturing, check out the Venture Crew 194 web site.  Thanks for visiting.                                                                                                                                            

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New Parent Quick Start Guide

CLICK HERE for all the things to help you get started with our Troop including: The program, FAQ, How your Scout can advance, etc.

Geocaching Challenge

Geocaching Challenge

In the Fall of 2019 our Scouts started the Geocaching merit badge, but there was one requirement incomplete.  To fulfill this requirement we devised a game that could still be played during the time COVID 19 was still a concern.   The Scouts in our Troop will be posting a series of Geocaches that will each contain the key to a few letters of the alphabet.  When all the keys are assembled, the sercret message below will be unlocked.

The Secret message is: 5-81-50-3-31-1-12-67-22-12-9-75-42-97-9-45-2-31-21-99-71-9-37-50-12-5-81-50-33-24-86-77-72-9-49

If you need to find #2 try to decode this for a clue:  42-50-9-D-77-21-1-31-21

What is one thing you hear frequently at T194 events?  24-71-67-77-9-31-12-71-99-33


List of all the Geocaches

A-BGC8Z0RH Troop 194 #1 (Posted by Andrew)

N 39° 20.255 W 084° 18.693 UTM: 16S E 731704 N 4357686

C-D GC8ZX07 Troop 194 #2 (Posted by Brodie) 

N 39° 20.902 W 084° 15.253 UTM: 16S E 736609 N 4359032

E-F Trioop 194 #3 (To be posted by Akhil)

G-H  Troop 194 #4 (Posted by Zach)

N 39° 22.687 W 084° 19.648 UTM: 16S E 730199 N 4362145

I-J Trioop 194 #5 (To be posted by Tejas)

K-L  Trioop 194 #6 (Posted by Sriguru)

N 39° 21.481 W 084° 19.946 UTM: 16S E 729837 N 4359901

M-N Troop 194 #7 (To be posted by Archer)

O-P Troop 194 #8 (To be posted by Christopher)

Q-R  Trioop 194 #9 (Posted by Koby)

N 39° 20.525 W 084° 20.575 UTM: 16S E 728985 N 4358106

S-T Troop 194 #10 (To be posted by Sarbesh)

U-V Troop 194 #11 (To be posted by Jawad)

W-Z  Trioop 194 #12 (Posted by Mr Welker)

N 39° 24.539 W 084° 13.657 UTM: 16S E 738695 N 4365831

Troop News

How to Find a Merit Badge Counselor

Starting a new badge? Trying to finish one up? Check out this link to find your adult partner, the Merit Badge Counselor, to help guide you towards completion of your next merit badge.



Path to Eagle Checklist

Our troop advancement chair, Mrs. Welker, has compiled this handy 1 page checklist that shows what is requried to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.  Click here to download.


(Almost) Free SAT/ACT Software for Boy Scouts

In alliance with the Boy Scouts of America, eKnowledge is offering SAT and ACT test prep programs valued at $200, free to Boy Scout families. The eKnowledge Sponsorship Alliance is made up of educationally focused foundations, as well as a group of professional athletes from the National Football League and Major League Baseball that includes Warrick Dunn and Chipper Jones. The eKnowledge Sponsorship Alliance has provided more than 120,000 SAT/ACT prep programs to families all over the United States. 

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Long Term Planning Calendar

Camping Trips & Troop Meetings

Click here if you want to know more about what we've got coming up for camping trips and troop meetings. (File is a Google Sheet)

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Upcoming Campouts


As of March 2020 we're now using Scoutbook for all our Activites as a Troop.  Check us out there!


Internet Safety Pledge 

1 I will think before I post.
2 I will respect other people online.
3 I will respect digital media ownership.
4 I won’t meet face-to-face with anyone I meet in the digital world unless I have  my parent’s permission.
5 I will protect myself online.
http://www.scouting.org/cyberchip    http://www.netsmartz.org/scouting 

BSA - Unit Web Site Guidelines


Kroger Community Rewards ProgramKroger Community Rewards Program

Please join the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Register your rewards card online at https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards, using your organization name "Boy Scout Troop 194" or the NPO Number:  81393

Purchase accumulations begin on May 1.  After this date, individual purchases will begin counting towards our organization within 7-10 days of registering the individual rewards card on-line. 

If you don't have a Kroger plus card, you can go the site above and request a new card.  It will then be mailed to you. 

Aluminum Cans for CashAluminum Cans for Cash

The Troop is collecting cans and turning them into cash.  All cash procedes are accumulated iin a troop account that the PLC can use to fund projects, events, or items for the troop.  They've purchased a ping-pong table for the Church, Ground Effects Lighting for the Bus, New stoves, lanterns, and water jugs.  Great Work!


The monthly collection day for aluminum cans will be the 1st meeting of each month.  Please bring crushed cans and place them in the bins for bagging.